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Management of contracts

Do you know when your utility contracts at each location? And do you know when your utility contracts need to be renewed?

A lot of companies are often too late at the end of the contract period to renew or terminate their utility contract. The consequence of this mismanagement is that the contracts are renewed by automatically, where the suppliers are in charge instead of you. This way the suppliers determine the energy costs!


Sedico manages the utility contracts and monitors continuously whether contracts need to be renewed. We keep an eye on the market developments and we alert you whenever the market situation requires contracts to be changed. We will work with you to produce a procurement strategy so that your wishes can be implemented. Find out more about Procurement strategy.


During the term of your utility contracts there might be changes within your portfolio. These changes are labor intensive and require the right contact persons from suppliers and grid operations. Sedico offers the service Management of Changes for this process.


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