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Purchasing energy

The energy market is very dynamic . The prices, conditions and legislation are changing constantly. These market movements are important for your energy management. Sedico is an expert on the energy market and can help you with the management of your energy contracts.


Sedico analyses your consumption profile, checks the contract conditions, performs a competitor analysis and transposes your wishes into a procurement strategy for electricity and gas. The energy market is comparable to the stock market, oil market, gold market etc. This means that the energy price is determined by several external factors.


We group the volume of all our customers in order to purchase the energy in smaller parts (clicks) on different moments on the market. Thanks to this fragmented procurement process it is possible to purchase energy at the best prices. 


The management of your energy contracts does not stop after signing the contract. Sedico takes care of the switching process to a new supplier as well as carrying out the changes during the contract period.


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